VIDEO: GoPro-Rigged “Cannon” Ball Melts the Internet

As an adult, I’m not much one for keeping up with the latest in middle school science projects.

But when I do, they involve a GoPro, an old cannon, and some pretty amazing footage.

One seventh grader from Oregon was looking for something unique when she set about creating her science project, so she turned to a platform we all know and love — gunpowder.

She sought to fire different bowling balls out of her great-grandfather’s old cannon and mathematically determine how high each of them would go, according to Storyful — no small feat.

As a part of her project, she attached a GoPro to her improvised cannon ball before she sent it skyward. In the particular shot in the video below, a quarter pound of powder was used.

For those of you concerned with safety — this is no city project. No one was hurt in the production of this fun little video.

Take a look at the video below, but keep in mind — the rotating footage might make some queasy:

For those of you with families, don’t just encourage your kids to know your home defense/safety plan; if they’re got a passion for stuff as awesome as this, give them a hand!

For this student, I’m going to have to give an A+. I wish I had the idea to do this when I had my cannon.

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