[FIREARM REVIEW] Bond Arms Backup .45acp – Ultimate Concealed Carry Derringer


When we look at many derringers on the market today, we often see cheaply made and inexpensive guns. Unfortunately, these low quality and often small caliber derringers are not worth defending your life. I have seen on several occasions derringers fail due to the lack of craftsmanship and function.

Introducing the Bond Arms Backup. This Backup is exactly what concealed carry people are looking for in a two shot .45 acp handgun. It is built with strong materials, has a solid feel, comfortable to carry, has internal safety features, extremely reliable and shoots outstanding. I can honestly say that after owning this gun for over two and half years, it is the best derringer I have ever fired.


Caliber: .45 ACP
Barrel: 2.5” Stainless Steel Double Barrel
Frame: Stainless Steel
Grip: Rubber
Sights: Front Blade, Fixed Rear Length 4.5”
Weight: 18.5 oz
MSRP: $490
Average Gun Store Prices: $350

The Backup is an excellent CCW choice. It is small and very lightweight at only 20.5 ozs loaded. The short 2.5” barrel with the durable but small frame makes pocket carry simple and convenient. With the increase in number of people carrying a gun these days, there has been an increased demand for back up guns. People are looking for a small but powerful gun that offers reliability and ease of use. Look no further the Bond Arms Backup fits the bill.

Images00003The Backup features a black rubber grip, matte finished stainless steel barrels and has a textured bead­blasted powder coat frame. Unlike many other Bond Arms models, the Backup has no shine or glare to it, offering the user a discreet package. The trigger is skeletonized and my best opinion would put the trigger pull right around 7 ­ 8 lbs. The hammer is an oversized piece that is serrated on top for ease of cocking for the single action performance. The locking lever is spring loaded and by simply pushing down on the lever the barrels will release upward for easy loading and removing the spent cases. The simple design works great for both the experienced shooter as well as the beginner.

Images00004The Backup has several safety components. Above the grip is a cross bolt safety which will prevent the hammer from striking the firing pin when engaged. It has a rebounding hammer which prevents the hammer from resting on the retracting firing pins therefore making it drop safe. It also has a heavy duty matte finished trigger guard to prevent unintended trigger pull which is essential for pocket carry. The only way for the gun to be fired is by cocking the hammer back and pulling the trigger which is exactly how the Backup, along with other Bond Arms models, is intended to function.

The front sight is a bladed ramped up sight that fits well with the fixed rear sight notch. This Backup is amazingly accurate for such short barrels in a small package. The recoil is very manageable with the larger .45 ACP cartridge. One would think it would feel like a “hand cannon” but it is actually quite easy to shoot.

Another feature that is consistent with all Bond Arms models, is the ability to change barrels to shoot other calibers. By using the allen wrench provided, and a simple six turns of the wrench, there are 25 different caliber combinations and can easily be installed. So basically, the Backup has the ability to carry and shoot your favorite rounds with a couple turns of a wrench. Concealed carry options are always good and the 25 caliber options offered by Bond Arms are amazing.


Overall, the Bond Arms Backup is a quality derringer handgun. The simple design and ease of use makes it a great CCW choice. As mentioned, I have owned the Backup for over two years and have never once experienced a failure. If you are looking for a heavy duty but lightweight gun as a backup or even primary carry, the Bond Arms Backup is worth a look. Definitely check out the video above along with Bond Arms website for more information.

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