Mississipi Residents Catch Big Break, Permitless Carry Restrictions Loosened

MISSISSIPI — As of this past Sunday, Mississippians are less restricted for permitless concealed carry, WCBI reports.

Some of the rules for permitless carry were pretty weird, and thankfully the new loosening of restrictions will make some arbitrary rules become a thing of the past.

According to WCBI:

Mississippians have been able to concealed carry since 2016, but those guns had to be in a holster, and concealed carriers weren’t allowed in courthouses. Starting next week, it can be pants pockets, coat pockets, waistbands, anything that hides the gun from plain sight. While it’s not required, law enforcement is asking those who carry to be mindful of your surroundings and above all know what you’re doing.

“It’s going to make things a little different with folks being able to carry without a permit,” said Chickasaw County Sheriff, James Meyers.

Something law enforcement asks is get the training to use your weapon.

“Once you start carrying a firearm, you assume a lot of liability, and all the training that you can take can’t do nothing but help you,” Meyers continued.

“You can hurt yourself if you don’t. Not only hurt someone else but you can hurt your own self by not knowing the proper way to use that weapon,” Monroe County Sheriff, Cecil Cantrell said.

Don’t get me wrong — use a darn holster, they’re not that expensive. But it is definitely nice to have the chance to engage in different modes of carry — especially pocket carry.

It would appear that a good chunk of Mississippi law enforcement has exactly the right idea on concealed carry — it’s a Second Amendment right that the government really has no business mucking around with, or, you know, infringing, but hey — with that freedom comes responsibility. It’s on us to be an asset to our communities rather than liabilities.

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