Biden Approved: Man Fires Shotgun Off Of Back Porch To Scare Off Trespassers, Is Arrested

Vice President Joe Biden gave every American the horrible advice of going out to your back porch, pointing your 12-gauge shotgun into the air and firing two shots if you ever have to scare anyone off. In case you’ve been under a rock and missed it:


Well, that example played out precisely in Lewis County, NY. A resident, 27-year-old Timothy Peters, was arrested on four counts of third-degree menacing when he performed the following Biden advice:

He is accused of discharging a 12-gauge shotgun from the back porch of his residence Friday in an attempt to scare four people who deputies said were close to his home.

It’s the Biden Defense to a T, really.

The “Biden Defense” was actually a successful implementation in a trial not long ago, as the charges against him were dropped when he was arrested for firing his shotgun into the air in order to scare off intruders.

I don’t know the exact circumstances around this case, but I still hope that he brings up the Biden Defense. After all, you don’t need an AR-15 to defend yourself. Just get yourself a double-barrel shotgun and BANG, RIGHT IN THE AIR!! That’ll scare anyone off for sure.

I mean, don’t worry about where the rounds end up when they come back down to earth at a deadly speed.

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