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Wyoming Bill Would Ban Gun Buyback Programs

WORLAND, WYOMING — A bill, to be introduced in the Wyoming legislature this year, would put and end go gun buybacks from happening in the state.

Specifically, the bill states, “No city, town, county, political subdivision, state agency or entity or any other governmental entity shall operate a firearm buyback program or participate in the implementation, administration or operation of a firearm buyback program.”

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The bill is co-sponsored by Worland Republican Rep. Mike Greear, and he explains it’s purpose a little more when speaking with reporters.

“This is the only bill I’m co-sponsoring. This basically says we will not allow taxpayer money to be used to buy back firearms. It’s a statement bill,” Greear said.

Buybacks, over the years, have received push-back from the 2nd Amendment community, in part because they tend not to make a difference when the public comes forward to hand in their guns for a few dollars.

Most people handing in firearms have been left in possession of them when a loved one passes, and they personally do not want to keep them. If these programs think that a criminal is going to hand in a gun for $25 or so, they’re out of their minds.

All these buyback programs do is take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. They also amass a terrible collection of old and non-functioning guns from the public.

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