POLL: An Overwhelming Majority Say They Were Introduced To Firearms Before They Turned 18

We conducted a poll yesterday on our Facebook page that asked a simple question: How old were you when you were first introduced to firearms?

Since we’re limited to two options on the Facebook poll, we made it simple; Over 18 or under 18.

The results;

That’s pretty significant, and not at all surprising. More gun-owning households in the US will teach their children about firearms at a young age. And why not? It’s been proven that children are safer around firearms if they understand and respect them. It’s the curiosity that causes many of the accidents with firearms.

Whether it was hunting, target practice, or sitting at a table to understand what firearms are and how they work, it would seem that the family aspect of firearm ownership is alive and well in America.

Sifting through the over 150 comments, many say that they were started out with a .22 rifle. That’s typical, and smart. It’s one of the best calibers to get the foundation of proper firearm handling and safety.

And for the people who were over 18 when first introduced, there’s no shame in that. Starting earlier in life or later, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing it safely and responsibly.

And, if you enjoy it, which I’m certain that you do.

If you have children yourself, at what age did you/will you teach them about firearms?

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