Classy Woman Carries Loaded Handgun BTL (Between The Legs) Inside Her Own Custom Made Holster

During a traffic stop, police found heroin and ecstasy inside a vehicle occupied by Anika Witt, 27, and Clinton McDonald, 29. Upon further inspection, a handgun was also found.

The handgun was loaded, and was found in Witt’s vagina.

On Friday, Witt pleaded guilty to weapons possession and drug charges. Combined, she faces up to 25 years in prison.

Her pleading guilty was part of a plea deal that will likely see a significantly reduced sentence. She also will testify against an acquaintance in order for the deal to stick.

We can be sure that Witt didn’t frequent Concealed Nation, because:

  1. Criminals aren’t interested in responsible concealed carry
  2. We never say that a vagina makes a good holster

The illegally-obtained and oddly-holstered firearm was specified as a Kimber .380 which measured 5.6″ in length, which means that it’s a Kimber Micro. Kimber makes 14 different variants of the Micro, and we aren’t sure which one it is, but we are sure that she’s using it incorrectly.

Some people will do anything to hid things from the police. All jokes aside, it’s a shame to see Witt’s life take the path that it’s taken. Hopefully this vacation to prison will rattle her brain enough to get her on the correct path in life.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve reported on such an event, and it unfortunately won’t be the last. Until then, keep your firearms properly holstered, and don’t point them at anything you aren’t willing to destroy. Like your uterus, for the ladies out there.

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