Scranton Man Shoots, Kills Assailant Who Had Shot 2 Women


SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA — Scranton police have confirmed that Monday’s fatal shooting in the 1900 block of Price Street, which left one man dead and two women injured, was an act of self-defense.

At around 5:00 p.m., 911 operators received a call reporting a shooting at a residential address, according to WBRE.

Upon arrival, officers found William Morgan, covered in blood and holding a handgun, on the front porch.

Isabell Schimelfenig, 21, informed police that her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Kruk, 23, had shot her and her mother, Stacy Evans, 42.

Kruk had reportedly visited the house in hopes of reconciling with Schimelfenig, but the situation escalated, resulting in Kruk firing at both women.

Morgan, Evans’ fiancé, then pursued Kruk, and the two exchanged gunfire, ultimately leading to Kruk’s death.

Lackawanna County Coroner initially ruled Kruk’s death a homicide.

However, following further investigation, the District Attorney’s Office determined that Morgan’s use of deadly force was justified, according to WBRE. Consequently, no charges will be filed in this case.

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