Concealed Carry Permit Holder May Be Charged With Murder

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN — An apparent road rage incident has a concealed carrier in hot water after he shot and killed 21-year-old Deshun Freeman during a fender bender Friday night.

After the accident, Freeman and the 28-year-old concealed carrier got into a physical fight. In the end, the 28-year-old shot Freeman, who died at the scene.

After the shooting, the man drove away and called police.

The DA is taking time while going over the case to determine if murder charges will be filed.

At this time, the man, currently considered a suspect, is said to be cooperating with police.

“You only have the right to point your firearm out and use it when your life is threatened,” said Thomas Hein, a certified concealed carry instructor.

The public details about this case are slim at best, and we all know when –and when not– to draw our firearms in a self-defense situation. We need to have clear indications that our lives are in danger and if they’re not, or if we can safely remove ourselves from the situation, our firearms should remain holstered.

We will follow this story for any updates.

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