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Workplace Active Shooter Kills One Before Being Stopped By Armed Employee

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — A concealed carrier stopped a fellow landscaping employee after that employee shot and killed a coworker right in front of him. Sources at the scene confirm that the concealed carrier had just arrived for a day of work when he was confronted with people running away from an apparent active shooting situation.

via WOKV 104.5 FM

“I get out of the car and everybody’s screaming, active shooter, active shooter,” the concealed carrier said.

The concealed carrier must have arrived right in the knick of time because the active shooter’s gun allegedly jammed, forcing him to switch from a gun to a baseball bat. Thankfully, the concealed carrier had his gun trained on the alleged attacker and was able to keep him contained until police could arrive.

“He’s like, ‘no, you need to put the gun down’,” the concealed carrier recalled for the reporter. “I was like, ‘that’s not gonna happen man. It’s not. You just killed someone. I can’t take my gun off of you. I can’t.’”

As hard as it is to be placed into that type of situation, this concealed carrier definitely demonstrated his ability to use a calm head to assess the situation and act accordingly. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrived shortly thereafter and took custody of the active shooter to await charges related to the death of his coworker.

Who the heck knows what possesses a man’s mind to make him kill another person in broad daylight?

Regardless, this is a pitch perfect example of why we focus so heavily on maintaining situational awareness, carry everyday, and maintain a concealed carry mentality to address hairy deals like this one.

Definitely a good job — and all the more reason why we need to stay prepared and use the appropriate amount of force even when put in the middle of a crazy situation.

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