Man Shot By Concealed Carrier After Stabbing Multiple People At Party, 2 Dead And 2 Injured

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON — Two people are dead after a relative of a woman hosting a party decided to begin stabbing people, inflicting wounds on three before being shot by someone who was armed at the party.

Two men died at an apartment building in suburban Seattle after a male relative of the host stabbed her and two other people and one of the stabbing victims shot him, police said Sunday.

The 41-year-old stabbing suspect from Burien and a 21-year-old man from Renton, whom he allegedly stabbed, died, after some kind of disturbance between the 41-year-old and the party’s 22-year-old host, police chief Steve Mylett said.


The woman who hosted the party was taken to the hospital but was released a short time later. A 24-year-old, who shot the suspect, is still in the hospital and is in stable condition.

Police do not know what led to the incident, but say they have video evidence to help them figure out what went down, and why things got so violent.

I often get asked if I carry everywhere, and my answer is always “Anywhere that I legally can.” This includes parties, but also know that I’m not drinking. That mixing of alcohol and firearms doesn’t fly for me, and it’s why I don’t do it. I can have a good time still, and know that I’m still armed, should something random and bizarre like this happen.

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