2 Residents Open Fire With AR-15 And 9mm Handgun On 7 Intruders


GLEN ST. MARY, FLORIDA — Three people inside a mobile home were woken up in the middle of the night by someone yelling “Sheriffs Office!” and breaking down their door. Following the break-in, a man with a mask fired a shot. That’s when two of the three people inside the residence sprung into action.

The two men came out of separate bedrooms. One was armed with an AR-15 rifle and the other a 9mm handgun. They fired over 30 rounds at the intruders.

The masked gunman and two other intruders were struck by gunfire and landed on the ground. One was killed and the other two were later sent to the hospital.

Both sides knew each other, as well;

Five people are charged in the case. Investigators suspect the home invasion escalated from an ongoing feud between two groups that was stoked by social media threats.

The victims told deputies they acted in self-defense when they turned their guns on the intruders, with one of them estimating he fired over 30 rounds from an AR-15 before the threat was over.

After the shooting, the residents went to a safe location inside the home and called police.

A few of the other suspects were apprehended by police as they tried to make a getaway in their vehicle.

Because of some online feud, a life was lost and many others changed forever.

Some of the people involved in the invasion said that they had no idea anyone was armed in their group when they went to the house. Still, it was a stupid move on their part and they forced the people inside the home to use deadly force against a threat that broke down their door at 3 am.

Aside from home invasion, other charges are likely pending for some or all of those involved in the break-in.

While most of us will not get into disputes online that end in such a way, it’s still a real reminder of having easy access to your firearm while at home. These two men acted quickly and were able to stop the threats quickly. And make it out alive.

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