Homeowner Returns To Find Bad Guy In The House — Has To Creep In To Get His Own Pistol… Why We Carry Everywhere, Everyday


YORK COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA — A York County man returned home to find his garage door open and his back door unlocked. He figured out quick that there was probably somebody in his home that he didn’t want to be there. Unfortunately for him, his pistol was in his house.

According to WBTV News, the homeowner crept into his own home and cautiously retrieved his pistol before confronting the intruder. When the intruder detected him, he chased the homeowner into his own backyard. When the homeowner saw the suspect reach into his waistline, he used his own gun to fire up to 16 rounds at the bad guy.

The bad guy fled into the woods and it is unknown at this time whether or not he was hit. If somebody finds a body 500-800 yards into the woods in a few months, I think we’ll know the answer to this one.

Bad guys don’t immediately drop when hit with a bullet. In fact, if covering these types of home invasion and defensive gun use situations has taught us anything, it’s that they immediately flee regardless of whether or not they’re hit. That’s because of adrenaline and the “fight or flight” mechanism that kicks in.

This dude could have been hit any number of times or not at all. We won’t likely know until either somebody shows up at a local medical center with three gunshot wounds or some hiker or hunter stumbles upon a dead body.

In either case, let’s focus in on the part of this story that’s troubling: a homeowner having to sneak into his own home to retrieve a firearm to fight the guy who’s already inside.

If this was the scenario I was faced with, I’d call the cops and stand back. Not only do I not know if the bad guy is armed, I know that he could potentially have access to my own firearms. That’s when I’d stay back and let the police work this one out. It’s already too risky.

But let’s get out of the armchair for a second and look at a second piece of this puzzle. If this homeowner had a gun on him or in his car, he wouldn’t have to creep into his own home to retrieve one. That’s a simple piece of the puzzle that ALL of us can solve by carrying a handgun every single day, everywhere we go. Whether locked up in the car or, better yet, physically attached to us, that handgun enables us to protect ourselves, our family, and our property.

The smoothest answer to this problem is carrying a handgun. Ask yourself: do you want to have to creep into your own home and hope a potentially armed bad guy doesn’t find out? You tell us. The comments section is right down below.

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