Why We Carry: Man Kills Grandmother, Nearly Kills Grandfather, Calls Maid To Clean Up A “Real Mess”

NAPLES, FLORIDA — What unfolded in Naples, Florida is nothing short of a grim nightmare. Anthony Michael Corrado, a 34-year-old man, enlisted the help of an unsuspecting housekeeper to clean up a terrifying scene, says the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

In a seemingly regular work call, the housekeeper was called to a home owned by Mary and Tony Schiavone, Corrado’s grandparents, as per property records. Once there, a chilling scene awaited: a blood-soaked Corrado and a blood-strewn house floor.

The housekeeper, obviously concerned, asked to see Corrado’s grandmother. Following his lead to the bedroom, she was shown a body covered with a blue tarp, which was Corrado’s grandmother with a bag over her head.

In a shocking request, Corrado asked the housekeeper to assist him in disposing of the body and sanitizing the crime scene before his grandfather’s return. When she urged him to call 911, Corrado confessed his reluctance to return to prison.

The housekeeper displayed immense courage by pretending to get cleaning supplies from her car. However, seizing the opportunity, she escaped the horrifying scene and successfully flagged down a patrolling deputy.

Collier County Sheriff, Kevin Rambosk, commended her quick thinking and their deputies’ fast action.

Upon arrival, deputies encountered a blood-clad Corrado, introducing himself as “Dave”, and a vehicle parked oddly in the driveway. This led deputies to suspect the grandfather’s return from grocery shopping and subsequent attack by Corrado.

The search of the home revealed the grandmother’s body bearing signs of blunt force trauma and Corrado’s injured, but alive, grandfather wrapped in a blanket.

The gruesome picture was completed by blood-soaked walls and a bloody hammer on the kitchen counter. Despite remaining silent following his Miranda rights reading, blood splatters on Corrado’s clothes further implicated him.

Notably, a protection order against Corrado existed, filed by the deceased Mary Schiavone in 2018, following his release from prison last year.

Corrado is now charged with second-degree murder and aggravated battery of a person over 65, barred from contact with his grandfather and possession of firearms, and issued no bond for the murder charge.

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