Concealed Carrier Holds Burglar At Gunpoint With Her FNX .45

CLEVELAND, TENNESSEE — A woman successfully subdued a would-be burglar outside her home using her FNX .45.  The suspect, James Jeffrey Dunn, was allegedly trying to break in through her front door late at night.  She got her handgun and confronted the burglar, according to WRCB.  Once at the doorway, she yelled through the door for him to stay put and not move.  Moments later, she confronted him head-on — handgun drawn and ready to go.

via WRCB

“I tried to order him to stay right where he was at and I pointed the gun at him and I came running off the porch and I came within 10 feet of him and he laid the bicycle down and he crumpled on top of the bicycle,” she says.

She held him at gunpoint until Cleveland Police arrived and arrested Dunn, 35, on charges of aggravated burglary, theft, and burglary of a motor vehicle.  Police note that Dunn had an arrest sheet tallying over 40 charges — the most recent being only 6 hours prior to his attempted burglary of this concealed carrier.

“We went over this when we got my concealed carry permit, these types of scenarios. But I had already put that gun up and ever taken it out since, you know?” she says. “Maybe to go the range once.”

When we talk about the new generation of concealed carriers, let’s take a good long look at the realities these people are facing: hardened, career criminals unafraid to bust through the door or do damage to private property and persons.  It’s a good thing this woman had the proper training she needed and the right equipment.

In prior articles, we generally don’t recommend going out to face your opponents because you never know if thugs arrived in a pack.  That said, she seemed to definitely be assertive over the situation and unafraid to use her training.

Carry on and always carry at home!

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