Would-Be Car Thief Shot And Killed As He Attempted To Escape

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA — A 25-year-old man, Menterra Gurley, lost his life after an alleged car theft attempt at a business on Mastin Lake Road, according to the Huntsville Police Department (HPD).

The incident took place in the 2900 block of Mastin Lake Road when a man left his vehicle unattended to enter a business, law enforcement officials said according to WHNT.

Gurley reportedly tried to steal the car, leading to a confrontation with the vehicle owner, who asked him repeatedly to get out of the car.

Despite the warnings, Gurley attempted to drive away, prompting the car owner to shoot at him. He was transported to Huntsville Hospital with critical injuries but later succumbed to his wounds.

After consultation with the Madison County District Attorney’s Office, it has been determined that no charges would be filed against the shooter at present.

The case will be presented to a Madison County Grand Jury at a later date for further review.

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