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Stunning Video, Including Badge Cam, Shows Chaos During Gathering When Shots Are Fired

Whether or not this was a legal gathering is besides the point. We all go out and have fun from time to time, hopefully in a legal manner, but the truth is we’ll never have control over who else shows up. And in some cases, that can turn an innocent night out into a deadly situation.

A boxing event was taking place when someone fired a gun inside the venue. People started coming out and into the parking lot, only to be met with a second person who pulls out a gun and starts firing.

An officer, who happened to be nearby, runs towards the gunfire and ends up taking out the suspect, saving lives.

The thought here from the bystander’s point of view is always the same: Do what you can to get yourself away from that dangerous area. Don’t linger in the parking lot, don’t wait around to see what’s going to happen. GET. OUT.

Armed or not, your first priority should be your safety. I was yelling at the screen to the people just walking about, after they’ve heard gunshots. If that were me, I’d already be blocks away.

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