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Mother and Daughter Beaten and Shot on the Street Until Armed Veteran Steps In

ALBEQUERQUE, NM — It’s the worst nightmare for any mother in a bad separation or divorce — a mother with her daughter driving down the road on a weekend ambushed by her estranged husband.

He slammed into her car, knocking it out of commission, and then started pumping rounds into the vehicle. Once he was done with that, he dug the daughter out of the car and started to beat her senseless.

Enter, 12-year National Guard veteran with a gun and the will to defend those who couldn’t defend themselves.

As KOB4 reports:

Police say the man who opened fire in a deadly southeast Albuquerque shooting, likely saved the lives of a mother and daughter.

Albuquerque Police Department Public Information Officer Simon Drobik said a woman and her daughter were on their way to the Sunport Sunday night when the woman’s estranged husband crashed into them on Gibson and Yale Boulevards. According to police, he got out and fired into the vehicle, hitting the daughter in the arm. Then he pulled her out and began beating her on the road.

A 12-year National Guard veteran stopped to help and told police the man pointed his gun at him, so he shot him. Police say the mother feared what would have happened if that veteran had not intervened.

“She said, ‘He saved our lives,’” Drobik said Monday evening. “I mean, that’s how much she was in fear of getting killed by this guy.”

The Good Samaritan is not facing charges. The district attorney is reviewing the case.

Yeah — nobody can tell me that good guys with guns never do what they reportedly do. We can all see it clear as day, right here.

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