Video Evidence: Joe Biden Would Ban 9mm Glock If Given The Chance

With the 2020 presidential elections right around the corner, let’s not forget who is on our side and who isn’t.

It’s no surprise that Joe Biden is a fan of gun control, but how far would he actually want to go if elected president?

Let’s look at this video to get some clues;

You give me a 9mm Glock, and you have a 38 revolver, I’ll kill more people quickly in here. You’d shoot as many, but I’ll kill more.

So it matters, the weapon, and its caliber, and its lethality matters. Its like you hear If they don’t get a gun, they’ll get a baseball bat or a knife or whatever.

Well, their not going to kill as many people. They’re not gonna get to as many people”.

I’m not sure if Biden knows anything about shot placement, or a host of other variables, but it truly doesn’t matter. What matters is what people believe, and some people will watch this and believe Joe Biden.

On a funny side note, I searched Google for ‘Joe Biden’, and a parody campaign site was on page 1. Biden’s actual campaign site is on page 2. They should contact the parody site for SEO tips.

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