Armed Intruder Kicks Down Bedroom Door, Is Shot By Homeowner On Other Side


FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA — One fast-thinking gun owner saved his brother when he saw his family member face down on the ground with a gun pointed at him. Police in vicinity of Fayetteville responded to a home invasion after the brother notified them that a man had broken into the house and was holding his sibling down on the ground.

When the armed criminal went to pursue that brother into his bedroom, WNCN North Carolina News reports that the gun owner critically shot him in the doorway.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office arrived and apprehended the armed suspect and had him transported to UNC Chapel Hill for medical treatment.

Both siblings are alive and well and mostly unharmed — albeit likely shaken up.

Home defense is just as critical — if not more so — than remembering to carry concealed every day. In North Carolina, there’s some strict guidance on how to interact with law enforcement when they arrive. North Carolina is a “duty to inform” state so law enforcement need to be notified of the presence of a firearm. Of course, when they’re responding to a home invasion that involves the suspect getting shot, they likely have a pretty good idea that the occupants are armed.

It’s a decent ending to a bad situation. Thankfully, neither brother was hurt and the armed criminal was safely apprehended. What more can we ask for?


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