We Posted An AR-15 Deal After The FL School Shooting And Took Heat

In a world of social media, some things are on auto pilot. Like an AR-15 post, for example, that shows a great deal on a great firearm.

The post, seen on our Facebook page, was scheduled before this shooting in Florida took place. We’ve shared a few over the past couple days.

It was still posted after, and we immediately took heat for leaving it up. It was a poor choice, some said.

The post is directed at the good guys. It’s for people who want an AR-15 for their own, and they’ll have to pass a background check in order to receive it. *Today, we learned that the gunman legally owned the firearm, and likely had to pass a background check. Still…

The poor choice on others’ part is not noticing the red flags that were flying off of this troubled teenager who opened fire on people inside a school. According to all reports, he was a troubled kid who showed signs of aggression for a long time. He’s reported to have shown off guns to others, and even telling kids in school that he would shoot the place up.

Myself, the owner of Concealed Nation, do not find the post to be offensive. It’s something that we would have shared anyway.

In case anyone has forgotten our roots, I began this website and cause to help promote responsible and legal concealed carry, and to get a discussion going about having armed and trained faculty inside schools. This site began just a few weeks after Sandy Hook, and it was that event that led to the formation of this site.

We want to save lives. We want firearms in the hands of responsible citizens. We want those citizens to train, and we want them to carry responsibly. We want them to be prepared, should something evil come their way.

We are not the bad guys.

The bad guys are, for example, some 19 year old asshole who makes the mental decision to fire at innocent people inside a school, and to try and kill as many as possible.

Its an absolute tragedy, and my fiance and I had tears in our eyes after hearing the news.

We don’t promote violence and we don’t tolerate it. We promote, for 5 years now, responsible gun ownership. We promote keeping firearms out of reach of children and others who should not be around them. By all accounts, this young man sounds like he should not have been around firearms.

If he passed a background check, then something else was missing. Could it have been a lack of parenting? A deep social problem that he had? Signs of mental illness that went unchecked? The list goes on.

Or maybe, as I said before, he’s just some asshole kid who hates the world and took things to the extreme.

Just like the asshole in Vegas who, according to reports, showed no signs that hinted towards his ultimate goal.

Sometimes, people are just crazy. They do crazy things that normal and rational people wouldn’t do.

We can’t be blamed for posting an AR-15 deal.

Instead, blame these asshole that disrupt our way of life, and figure out a way to have armed and trained faculty inside schools. Figure out a way to have your responsible family and friends, if they haven’t already, learn about firearms and think about firearm ownership.

Whats wrong with a person, who has a concealed carry permit and would carry anyway, carry at work in a safe, discreet manner that could be the answer to ending the next school shooting? If it’s not on their person, then it’s somewhere else that’s only accessible to them. It’s possible, believe me.

And it doesn’t have to be a pistol. When police show up to these shootings, they come prepared with long guns. Long guns, just like pistols, can be secured. Truly secured.

Why we can’t do this is beyond me. Of course each school would likely have to say yay or nay to this happening, but it’s already happening in schools across the country.

So, to school officials and to faculty at those schools; who is ready to step up and be armed on the job? We know a great deal on an AR-15.

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