Concealed Carrier Shoots And Kills 1 Of 2 Dogs Attacking Child

People were trying everything to stop two dogs from mauling a small child, but nothing worked until a licensed concealed carrier stepped in and shot one of the dogs to stop the attack.

A mother and her young autistic son were walking to school yesterday morning when two dogs chased the young boy all of a sudden. Another kid walking to school saw the dogs chasing him, so he ran towards his school to escape the dogs.

Unfortunately, the dogs got a hold of the woman’s son and viciously mauled him. You can see video footage of the dogs ripping him out of his mother’s grip, which must have been terrifying for her. According to a witness, people were trying everything to get the dogs to stop, including beating them and firing paintball guns at them.

That’s when a licensed concealed carrier stepped in. He told people to get back and drew his pistol. Two men can be seen holding guns in the video. The concealed carrier is the man in the green jacket. The other man could have been the one with the paintball gun, but that has not been confirmed. The concealed carrier then waits for what looks to be a good shot on one of the dogs. From the angle of the video, it doesn’t look like anyone is in the line of fire. He fired and killed the dog.


That seemed to have been enough to stop the attack. The new report just states that a dog was killed and another is with Animal Control. A woman was reported to have been hit with shrapnel from the bullet ricochet. She was transported to a hospital in a private vehicle and is listed in stable condition.

As for the mauled child, he had bites on his face and legs but is listed in stable condition. The police are searching for the owners of the dogs, and they could be brought up on charges if found.

By Luke McCoy via USA Carry and republished with permission.

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