SnagMag pocket magazine carrier

SnagMag Magazine Holsters Make it Easy to Carry a Spare Mag [SHOT Show 2018]


Not nearly enough of us carry a spare magazine. That’s one thing if you’re someone who totes a GLOCK 19 with 15+1 rounds, but a lot of us don’t EDC anything with that kind of capacity. We carry smaller, thinner single stack pistols that pack only seven or eight rounds. And no one ever came out of the back end of a defensive situation wishing they hadn’t had more rounds at their disposal.

The problem is how to carry it. A full magazine isn’t particularly light so dropping one in your pocket can be cumbersome, not to mention attention-grabbing. You can buy a dedicated IWB or OWB holster for your mag, but that adds more girth and weight around your waist.

The SnagMag is, for lots of concealed carriers, the perfect compromise. It’s a pocket-able Boltaron thermoplastic sheath that’s molded to fit your particular pistol’s magazines and clips on like a pocket knife.

Besides its light weight and metal clip, SnagMags also feature a hook that’s designed to hold the holster in your pocket and give you a clean draw when you need it. If you’re familiar with the Emerson Wave used on some knives, it works the same way.

SnagMag makes models for for about 80 pistol models and retails for $34.95 shipped.


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