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New Jersey Governor Signs New Gun Restrictions Into Law, NRA Immediately Files Lawsuit

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has signed legislation into law specifying who can carry firearms and where they can be carried, The Washington Times reports.

This is just one of many legislative gambits attempting to negate the United States Supreme Court’s decision against New York’s mandate that carriers have “proper cause”to carry a handgun in public.

New Jersey had a similar rule, stating that public carry was only available to those who could demonstrate a “justifiable need,” as Fox News notes.

Murphy reportedly proposed legislation to counter the Supreme Court ruling within 24 hours of the decision.

“Today’s bill signing is the culmination of months of negotiations between this Administration and our partners in the Legislature, delivering on the promise I made this summer to keep New Jersey safe in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s awful decision,” Murphy said according to Fox News.

“While I strongly disagree with that decision, we must abide by it, and today’s law fully respects the Second Amendment while keeping guns out of the wrong hands and preventing them from proliferating in our communities.

“I am proud to sign this commonsense legislation which prohibits carrying guns in sensitive places, including our daycares, hospitals, libraries, and stadiums.”

It’s worth pointing out that Governor Murphy talks about respecting the Second Amendment and then restricting carry for law-abiding citizens in two consecutive sentences.

He also appears to be worried about the proliferation of firearms in communities as if they were inherently evil.

The law bans the carry of firearms in “sensitive places” in the state.

It turns out you can call an awful lot of places “sensitive.”

According to NJ.com, sensitive places includes “schools, courthouses, child care centers, nursing homes, polling places, government buildings, hospitals, bars and restaurants where alcohol is served, airports, parks, beaches, demonstrations, movie theaters, casinos, and other entertainment centers.”

“Restaurants where alcohol is served” might as well read “restaurants,” because there really aren’t all that many dry sit-down restaurants out there.

The measure also prevents carrying on private property unless the owner allows it, reportedly including churches, homes, shopping centers, and supermarkets.

“In addition,” NJ notes, “the law will raise the price of owning a gun in the state, increasing various fees and requiring those seeking to get a carry permit to purchase liability insurance and take training courses.”

Murphy is adamant this broad set of restrictions against law-abiding citizens will help stop gun violence.

He’s wrong.

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