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Concealed Carrier In AZ Defends Against Armed Robbery Attempt At Cell Phone Store

TUCSON, ARIZONA — An armed customer got his gun out and ready even before the bad guy knew what was going on. It happened during an armed robbery attempt at a Metro PCS business in Tucson.

When the suspect pulled out his handgun, another customer pulled out his own handgun. That’s when Sgt. Dugan says gunfire exchanged between the suspect and the customer inside the store.

via kgun9.com

The armed customer immediately went to the floor and got behind a table, providing some (possibly) cover and concealment. Both sides fired shots, with the armed citizen getting the first shot off. That was enough to send the robber running, although he was firing at the armed citizen during his retreat.

No one was shot or injured during the incident.

The armed customer acted very quickly and efficiently, likely seeing this guy walking up and noticing that things weren’t right. That instinct gave valuable seconds to win the fight.

Police are still looking for the armed robber.

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