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Neighbor With Knife Shot by Homeowner During Illegal Entry Attempt

PERSON COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA — Rhododendron Lane was the location of an unneighborly visit around 10:30 on Friday, October 9, 2020.

Sheriff’s Deputies say that a man inside his home became aware of another man, believed to be a neighbor, who was trying to break into his home. The homeowner reportedly shot the invader twice in an apparent act of self-defense.

The intruder, who was in possession of a knife, was expected to be released from the hospital on Saturday and make a full recovery. It is not known how familiar the two men were with each other, why the suspect was attempting to break into the home, or how the homeowner was alerted to the intrusion.

Outdoor lighting can often serve as a deterrent to such actions. Locked windows and doors (including garage doors) are another deterrent. An alert dog in the house can also let their owners know when something is amiss. Home alarm systems and security cameras are also an important part of in-home security and can serve as evidence in a case such as this. Obviously, a firearm should be the last resort, but should also be readily available for use to defend home and family without hesitation if someone is intent on entering the home illegally.

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