‘Peeping Tom’ Shot At By Child’s Father, No Charges Filed


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — Late Wednesday night, a man shot at a “peeping tom” who was staring at his daughter through her bedroom window.

At around 10:30 PM that night on the northwest side of town, a young girl noticed that there was a strange man staring at her through her bedroom window. According to Police, the young girl went and got her dad, who went around to the side of the house to confront the suspect.

The father told police that the “peeping tom” lunged at him with a knife, at which point he pulled out his gun and began shooting in the direction of the “peeper”. Police did not find anyone with gunshot wounds in the vicinity, even with the assistance of a police helicopter aiding in the search.

The father is not expected to face any charges, and the only description provided by police of the “peeping tom” was that he is described as a man in his mid 30s with a beard.

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