Gunman Stopped By Armed Bar Employee After Altercation


EVERETT, WA — In another case of alcohol getting the better of a man, a drunk was shot and killed in a fight caused by his poor choice to mix alcohol and firearms.

It never pays, and in times like these, innocent people get hurt far too often.

As KING 5 reports:

One man is dead and another injured after a fight at an Everett bar ended with an armed bar employee shooting and killing the suspect.

Witnesses say the incident happened around 2 a.m. Saturday at O’Finnigan’s bar after an altercation between patrons. Snohomish County sheriff’s investigators say a 29-year-old man left the bar, retrieved a gun from his vehicle and began firing shots in the parking lot, hurting one of the customers.

A 28-year-old employee at the bar who was armed and working at the time shot and killed the suspect.

The wounded customer, a 23-year-old Lynnwood man, was transported to Harborview Regional Medical Center. He is expected to recover. No arrests have been made.

It is fortunate that the wounded customer was able to survive the attack, but the fact remains: this conflict should never have taken place.

It is so easily avoided. Altercations that occur because of intoxication not only take innocent life, but prevent the protection of others down the line. Every incident like this, every time a firearm is used in a reckless, casualty-inducing crime, provides fuel for those who would take your gun right away.

That’s why responsible carry is not just a private concern — it’s the concern of every carrier in this country.

Our future quite literally depends on it.

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