.40 S&W Vs. .45 ACP — Here’s What This Vet Has to Say

If you ever use YouTube to get information on the latest guns, gear, and masculine gossip, and you’ve yet to find YouTuber and Army veteran Paul Harrell, you’re missing out, big time. He’s got some of the best-presented, least-nonsense videos out there.

Although the great caliber debates are not going to be closed today, or even — dare I say it — tomorrow, people seem to always be looking for the next perspective on how their favorite caliber stacks up to some other caliber.

Posted here is the video Harrell recently put up in response to folks asking him the question: “What’s a better caliber in a firearm: .40 or .45 ACP?”

I don’t have a dog in the fight — I’m a 9mm fan. But even I remained pretty darn entertained!



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