The Best Home Defense Pistol Of All Time Is…

Choosing a pistol for home defense or concealed carry is an important decision. There is seldom a “one size fits all” in terms of handguns. Each person has different shooting tendencies that dictate which handguns work better for them than others. Everything from the caliber choice, weight, trigger pull, ergonomics and mechanics of the pistol need to be taken into consideration. Most importantly, the shooter must feel comfortable with the pistol’s reliability and accuracy with the gun. 

I fully understand that the “Best Pistol” is the one the person has in their time of need. I also understand that the “Best Pistol” is the one that the shooter is comfortable with and can shoot well. This explains why there are so many handgun choices available. Given the current “shelter in place” environment, many first time gun owners are asking the question, what is the best home defense pistol? They are looking for a quick answer without doing the proper research. It is near impossible to properly answer that question. The best we can do is share with them our best pistol choice for home defense.

That is exactly what I did with the video below. I explained what I feel is the best home defense pistol for me. Perhaps it is not the best home defense pistol for others. I get that point quite well. However, sharing thoughts, opinions and ideas is healthy for both experienced shooters and beginners. The focus of the video was to get the conversation started. Sharing thoughts and ideas is good for the gun community as a whole. Running down people’s ideas helps nobody. 

In the video, I spoke about discussions I had with people who reached out to me. These were people who inquired information. Instead of berating them for not being prepared, as many gun owners do, I took the time to educate and help them. That is one of the best ways to bring people into the shooting community. We are strong in numbers and together we can grow our shooting community. There is no better time to do that than right now.

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