Why We Carry: Man Brutally Beats Teen With Pool Stick

DAVIE, FL — One man just showed the entire country why private citizens absolutely must exercise their right to bear arms, every day.

In the footage you are about to see, no one was carrying. No one was there to stop the bad guy from doing what he felt like, and a teenage boy suffered for it.

In video footage covering a September attack, a random man is seized with the need to do harm to a 17-year-old who he’d never spoken with in his life, according to the Miami Herald.

The man grabs a pool cue and savagely beats the teen for what appears to be absolutely no reason.

Seriously. There seems to be no provocation to the attack whatsoever. Take a look at the video footage below:

It’s almost impossible to believe. People can have hair triggers, or be particularly aggressive, or care less about your well-being than they care about getting your money.

But it’s extremely rare for someone to engage in an act of random violence against a stranger with what seems to be no motivation whatsoever.

I don’t have to tell you guys — that’s really weird.

This footage screams for someone to intervene on that young man’s behalf. A pool cue might be perceived as some as a less-than-deadly weapon, but that’s not incorrect. It’s a serious threat, and it’s fortunate that teenager escaped whole.

While most of us can only hope and pray for justice for this boy, we can prevent others like him from suffering similar fates by remaining vigilant, armed, and engaged in our communities.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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