Boy Fires Gun Into Ground In An Effort To Save His Mother From Her Boyfriend

NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS — A young boy was trying to protect his mother in the best way that he could, so he grabbed a gun and fired shots into the ground in an effort to stop his mother’s boyfriend from continuing to hurt her.

When JCSO deputies got to the scene, they learned that the boyfriend, who was later identified as Kenneth Brown, had the boy’s mother by the collar and was “throwing her around,” Newman said.

The sheriff said the boy told Brown to quit messing with his mother and fired several gunshots into the ground in an effort to protect her.

via ktre.com

Brown was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and Class C misdemeanor assault. The boy was not charged with any crime.

Police told reporters that they have been out to the same location on multiple dates.

From the boy’s perspective, he seems to have been in fear for his mother’s life and acted accordingly.

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