[WARNING: GRAPHIC] UPS Driver Shot And Killed After His Truck Was Hijacked By Armed Thugs

MIAMI, FLORIDA — A UPS driver and another innocent bystander were 2 of 4 people killed after the driver’s truck was hijacked by two armed criminals.

The end of the incident was caught on camera, being broadcast live by a news helicopter. It was a violent end, and there is no word on who the person was that was seen being shot by police.

The other two killed were both robbers.

Both robbers were shot and killed, and the fourth victim was in a nearby vehicle when shots rang out at a crowded intersection in Miramar, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of where the incident began, FBI Special Agent in Charge George Piro said during a news conference Thursday night.

via mysuncoast.com

It began at a jewelry store, where the two armed thugs were apparently trying to commit a robbery. A silent alarm was pushed, alerting police to the trouble.

When police arrived, shots were already being fired. Reports coming in say that the owner of the jewelry store fired at the robbers.

The suspects fled in a truck, then carjacked the UPS delivery truck and its driver not long afterward to start the chase into the southern portion of Broward County, running red lights and narrowly avoiding some crashes along the way. The UPS truck finally stopped in one of the middle lanes of a busy roadway, caught behind a wall of other vehicles waiting for a red light to turn green. Television footage showed several officers on foot, some with guns drawn, approaching the truck once it stopped from the rear and the driver’s side.

A video of the incident can be seen below. Please watch with caution, as the end is graphic in nature.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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