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Thug With Gun Talks a Big Talk Until He’s Met With Armed Resistance

CAPE CORAL, FL — One armed thug is lucky to be alive after threatening the wrong people with a gun and getting a very loud and defensive response, WINK reports.

Instead of accomplishing whatever he was looking to do — scaring folks into submission one way or the other — he ended up with multiple bullet wounds and a lovely late afternoon trip to the hospital.

As WINK reports:

Police say Kevin Bruzos, a convicted felon, was shot multiple times. An investigation revealed he had threatened two people with a firearm. In response, one of those individuals shot Bruzos with his own weapon when Bruzos refused to put his gun down. The person who shot him had a concealed carry permit.

Bruzos is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. The concealed carry permit holder who was threatened by Bruzos and shot him in self-defense is not facing any charges.

USA Today also noted that Bruzos had been previously convicted of “third-degree battery, drug possession and criminal mischief.”

Now, he’s behind bars for (hopefully) a long, long time.

Sometimes, what someone who doesn’t own a gun needs more than anything else is a good guy with a gun.

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