Would-be Robber Tracked Down Like a Deer and Trashed, Literally

NEWPORT, KY — Two robbers that got the idea in their heads that robbing a pawn shop was a good idea learned the hard way that it was very much not.

What’s more — and way more fun for us, the readers, is that the guys couldn’t really have botched their escape any worse.

As FOX 19 reports:

Two suspects tried to rob (E-Z Cash Pawn), when an employee shot one of the suspects in the arm, according to Newport Police Chief Tom Collins. The owner described the suspects’ getaway car to police, and officers began following the vehicle.

The pair crashed the getaway car into a fence on 800 Maple Avenue. One suspect was taken into custody at that time, police said. He was wearing a wig and was not armed.

The other suspect, who had been shot, tried to get into a house on Maple. Police said he threw money and a gun onto the roof. Investigators tracked the suspect by a trail of blood, found him hiding in a garbage can and took him into custody without incident.

Chief Collins identified the suspect who was shot as Sadhi Cunningham, 27.

He was later taken to the hospital.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if I were ever going to be caught by police, I’m not sure my last moments of freedom for the foreseeable future would be best spent hanging out in a trash can.

But then again, if you’re dumb enough to try to rob a pawn shop — they’re always ready for you, wanna-be robbers — maybe a trash can if where you belong.

Hopefully this laughably-failed heist will prevent further attacks on the business in the future.

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