Mother Fatally Shot By 2-Year-Old In Walmart Used Purse Marketed For Concealed Carry


New details are coming out about the tragic shooting of a 29-year-old mother inside a Walmart yesterday morning.

According to the Washington Post, the husband of the woman had given her a new purse on Christmas day that was marketed for concealed carry. It had a zippered pouch inside that was a compartment for a firearm.

“It was designed for that purpose — to carry a concealed firearm,” Rutledge told The Washington Post late Tuesday night. “And you had to unzip a compartment to find the handgun.

We are currently trying to find out who manufactured the purse, simply because we have never been fans of using items for concealed carry that do not offer trigger protection and would like to see if this particular one offered such a feature. If this is like many ‘concealed carry purses’ that we’ve seen, it likely just offered a pocket which leaves the trigger exposed.

Regardless of the case, if you carry or know someone who carries a firearm with an exposed trigger, please re-think your concealed carry setup. It is a very dangerous way to carry your firearm.

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