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Retired Officer Shoots Robber At Car Wash In NJ. The Key Words Here Are ‘Officer’ and ‘NJ’

ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY — In an unfortunate event for the would-be robber, he wound up with a bullet after picking one of a few armed citizens in the state of New Jersey. Luckily for the intended target, he was a retired officer, likely with his concealed carry permit.

The point? If it were an ordinary citizen, they probably wouldn’t have done as well, since their state doesn’t like handing out permits.

From Patch.com;

At around 5 a.m., Elizabeth Police responded to a 24-hour car wash located on Edgar Road just south of the Bayway Circle where they found the robbery victim and the shooting victim, according to the preliminary results of an investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office’s Shooting Response Team (SRT).

An investigation found that the retired officer was physically assaulted just before the shooting took place, Union County Prosecutor Thomas K. Isenhour said.

Krishad Jones, 23, of Newark, was identified as the shooting victim and was transported to University Hospital in Newark for emergency medical treatment.

The chances of running into an armed citizen in NJ are pretty slim, and it’s great to see that this criminal met his match. Thankfully, the retired officer was armed and ready for such an event.

I have to go back to the previous point, though. The state’s reluctance to give out permits is a troubling one, because this robber could have targeted anyone. While it’s great that retired officers are able to carry (usually), it leaves out the responsible citizen and their ability to defend themselves.

Hopefully one day, NJ will get it’s act together. It’s not likely, though, and the residents looking to arm themselves outside the home should probably think about finding a new state to call home.

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