[VIDEO] Used Gun “Rip-Off” Rant

People ask me how I get my guns. In short, I have been buying, selling and trading for years. Most of the firearms I own, I keep. Every now and again, I decide to list a gun locally. Most of the time, I look to trade it. As gun people, we find certain firearms that we realize we cannot live without. Typically, those are the ones we keep forever. I have had great experiences dealing with local people who do the same thing. That is part of the gun world I have truly enjoyed. However, my recent listings have been a disaster.

I believe the recent gun surge led people to prey on new gun owners. Inflated prices, selling faulty guns, ridiculous cash offers and unequal trade offers are nothing new. This has been happening for years. However, the amount of dishonest people attempting to “rip off” others is at an all-time high. They use subtle tactics to persuade the seller that their gun isn’t worth much. Therefore, they demand additional items for a sale or trade. Are going to add ammo, a holster, grips or night sights for me? Hang on, you contacted me about this gun. 

Recently, I listed a shotgun for a very fair ($400) price. The amount of people who “low balled” me was outrageous. Offering $200 below the asking price has become common. I had people attempting an even trade for a cheap gun that I would never consider. Other people would run down my gun and say they could get it cheaper. I knew for fact that was false. Why bother with me then? Go get it.

New gun owners need to be aware of the scams that people use. Let’s face it, we all started out as newbies. Somewhere along the line, we learned how this whole thing works. I just wish I had someone to educate me on how vicious and dishonest some gun owners can be. That is precisely why I made this video. I believe the amount of scams in the gun world are at an all time high.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts. Have you experienced similar situations with people on the used gun market?

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