Woman Forced to Shoot Her Own Boyfriend After He Assaults Her Kids


NASHVILLE, TN — A Nashville woman was forced to open fire on her boyfriend earlier this month when he began attacking her children.

It wasn’t the beginning of an attack, either — the children were really hurt, and later attended by emergency personnel. It was absolutely necessary to open fire on the man.

As WKRN reports:

Metro Police said a woman admitted to shooting her boyfriend in the leg because he was attacking her children. The incident happened around 10 p.m. Saturday in an apartment along Buena Vista Pike in the Bordeaux area.

Police said the children were hurt, however, the extent of their injuries is unknown. Investigators said the man who was shot was able to drive himself to the hospital and is expected to survive. The case is still under investigation. So far, no one has been charged.

I don’t know what could possess a man to assault children, especially in full sight of their mother. It takes a special kid of scum to pull that level of criminality off.

Let’s look at this scenario from a “what-if” perspective.

What if this woman wasn’t armed?

It may well be that she possessed the wherewithal to subdue her boyfriend without a firearm, but I imagine that if she did, she would have done so before her kids were hurt.

She would certainly have resisted her hopefully-if-not-certainly-now-ex-boyfriend, but without an equalizer, the fight we’re talking about would be far more lopsided. There is no telling how badly those children could be hurt.

It’s hard to defend oneself or one’s family against people we know and love — but sometimes, it’s absolutely necessary.

Take time to ensure that you are doing what you can not only to keep your family safe, but limiting your exposure to those that could do you and yours harm.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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