Intruder Keeps Advancing, Is Shot By Homeowner


RIVERTON, UT — Although one homeowner did his best to prevent it, one intruder did everything in the world to get himself shot, and that’s exactly what happened.

Derek Palmer, 36, was having some domestic troubles. He was at his friend’s house because he and his fiance were having some trouble, according to a search warrant affidavit reported by

The night of June 20, “Palmer became intoxicated to the point where (the friend) told him he needed to leave because he was being aggressive.”

Things only got worse from there.

An Uber driver was summoned for the intoxicate Palmer, but Palmer was still being raucous — the driver wouldn’t take him.

Palmer’s friend went back inside the house for a moment, and when he returned, Palmer was in the middle of the street with no pants on — because, reasons.

At the same time, a neighboring girl and her brother were returning home for the evening. Palmer allegedly walked right up to the girl and started saying things that she couldn’t understand.

Reasonable — it sounds like Palmer was well out of his senses.

The two children circled the block again, but when they returned, Palmer followed them right into the garage and began to argue with their mother.

That would prove to be a crucial mistake.

The children’s father came downstairs, armed, to see what was the matter. Palmer challenged him, which was a mistake — the father, Darris Ellis, was more than a match for him, even without the gun.

He knocked him down multiple times, and even put him in a headlock.

“(The homeowner) stated that he chambered a round into the gun at this point to show that it was loaded. Palmer then pulled out a knife and asked him if he would shoot him if he stabbed (the man) with the knife. (The homeowner) replied that he would,” the affidavit claimed.

Palmer reportedly then threw the knife at the father and tried to fight him again. After another couple of incidents where Palmer was knocked down and got back up to challenge Ellis, Ellis shot him twice.

Palmer was arrested, and survived the ordeal.

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