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Equalizer: Woman Shoots Man Multiple Times In Self-Defense After Being Followed

CARROLL COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI — In a recent incident in Carroll County, a woman reportedly shot a man several times in self-defense after being assaulted.

The confrontation took place near a local establishment, Katy’s Place, in the Coila region, during the early hours of April 2, according to WLBT.

Following an altercation between 31-year-old Lamarcus Woodson and Michelle Eileen Hearn, Hearn and a companion left the premises to avoid further conflict.

Woodson pursued them to a nearby residence, ignoring warnings to stay away.

Witnesses, including Hearn and her friend Willie Ezell, stated that Woodson initiated a physical altercation with Hearn, leading her to shoot him multiple times.

Woodson was transported to a Jackson hospital, where he remains in stable condition.

Hearn was briefly detained for investigation but has since been released, as her actions were deemed self-defense.

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