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[FIREARM REVIEW] Standard manufacturing S333 Thunderstruck

As shot show nears, many gun enthusiasts will be calling for firearm innovation. Shooters love their polymer 9mm handguns and 1911’s however something new and different really grabs their attention. Gun lovers call upon manufacturers to produce firearms that has never been seen or experienced before. Many times, it is individuals who use their creative minds without the fear of taking risks. There are actually people who spend countless hours in their basement engineering and creating a unique firearm in hopes that one day it will make it to the American firearm market.

Standard Manufacturing looked innovation straight in the eye and created a revolver called the S333 Thunderstruck. It’s a double barrel revolver that fires two .22 Magnum rounds with a single trigger pull. Two shots of .22 Magnum in a self defense scenario is utterly daunting. Don’t ask me how this is not an NFA violation because that’s a different topic for a different time. The S333 Thunderstruck has been ATF approved and is available to be legally purchased. 


The revolver’s name, “S333” stands for the “rule of three.” The rule of three means that most self defense scenarios take place within three yards, with three shots fired in under three seconds. Standard manufacturing considers the S333 Thunderstruck revolver a great self defense handgun. Although many shooters have their opinion on the best self defense firearm, nobody would argue that two shots of .22 WMR would be devastating.  

Standard Manufacturing affordably priced the S333 Thunderstruck for $369 MSRP. I am told that demand is strong as shooters enjoy new and innovative firearms. If someone told me there would be a double barrel revolver that could fire two shots per one trigger pull a couple years ago I would have said they were crazy.   

The S333 Thunderstruck revolver carries eight rounds of .22 WMR in the cylinder. It uses a two finger trigger double action to squeeze off two shots with every trigger pull. The trigger pull is heavy however the shooter is pulling back two internal hammers at the same time. The upper part of the trigger has a trigger bar safety that is often seen on semi-auto pistols. The trigger bar safety must be engaged for the trigger to pull. With some dry-fire practice, the S333 Thunderstruck can easily deliver eight rounds fired very quickly.

It uses two 1.25 inches long stainless steel barrels that are positioned side by side. The overall length is five inches and the overall height is also five inches. I pocket carried the revolver for a couple days and it was honestly quite comfortable. It looks like a big and bulky revolver however it measures in size and weight similar to a S&W 442 (642) when handling.   

The S333 Thunderstruck has a polymer grip that feels like rubber. It has a slight “squish” but Standard Manufacturing calls it a polymer grip. It is gripped by two fingers due to the trigger and middle finger on the double action trigger. The revolver uses a red three-dot sight system. They are integrated into the top of the revolver with a 2.5 inch sight radius. The S333 Thunderstruck weighs just over 20 ounces loaded with eight rounds of .22 Magnum. 


Caliber: .22 Win Mag

Capacity: 8 Rounds

Barrel Length: 1 ¼”

Cylinder Material: High Strength Steel

System: Double Barrel Double Action Revolver, Two Rounds        Fired With Each Pull of the Trigger

Frame Material: 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum with Anodized Finish

Safety: Integral Articulated Trigger Safety, Transfer Bar Blocks Firing Pins from Hammers

Barrel Material: Steel

Grip: Polymer

Weight: 18 oz

I took the Standard Manufacturing to the range to check out it’s capabilities. I especially wanted to see what shooting two shots of .22 WMR would feel like. It would be interesting to measure it’s accuracy from 10 yards as well. Most importantly, I wanted to check out the S333 Thunderstruck’s reliability. It’s imperative that my viewers know if every round loaded will fire as intended.

I typically begin shooting from 10 yards to see where the bullets impact. As I shot the S333 Thunderstruck, I saw the brush around my target move around in response to the shots. I quickly learned, this was not a precision revolver. The fact that the barrels are only 1.25” long makes that point quite obvious. I found the heavy two finger trigger pull to work well. I had no issue with the way the trigger action functioned. 


I realized this revolver is a close range shooter as I fired the revolver within five yards of my target. Considering the “rule of three” that Standard manufacturing named the revolver after, close range accuracy makes sense. For close range defensive shooting, the S333 performed well. Each round I loaded fired without issue. The .22 WMR delivered no recoil to speak of. The fact that this revolver fires shots for every one trigger pull is incredibly innovative.

Check out the table and range review attached and let us know your thoughts on the new Standard Manufacturing S333 double barrel revolver. Do you feel this would be a good concealed carry revolver?

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