TRAGIC: Homeowner Killed During Shootout With Teenage Intruders


FLINT, MICHIGAN — An homeowner was killed during an invasion of his residence by two armed teen thugs, according to M Live.

According to M Live:

Officers responded around 5 a.m. on Tuesday, July 11, to the 100 block of South Cumberland Street – off of Longway Boulevard – after a call to 911 in reference to a shooting in the area.

The incident started as a home invasion, but it soon turned into shots fired between the male homeowner and two teenage males, ages 17 and 18, police said. The homeowner was confirmed dead at the scene.

Following the shootout, the teens fled the scene in a vehicle, crashing in the intersection of East Court Street and South Vernon Avenue, less than one mile away from the shooting scene.

One of the teen suspects was taken to Hurley Medical Center following the crash, police said. It’s believed the teen was injured prior to the crash, police said.

The second suspect has been taken into custody. The names of the victim or suspects have not yet been released.

The two teen thugs have been identified by police, according to local news.

Oftentimes, when homeowners are responsibly-armed, they are able to defeat their attackers, if for no other reason than the fact that the responsibly-armed homeowner is a trained shooter — and your thug is not.

It is both frustrating and tragic when that citizen loses their fight to defend themselves, family, or property.

There is a lesson to take away, here.

Although tragedies occur, and sometimes they are simply that — tragedies — sometimes they can be avoided with training.

Take some solid training.

Practice your marksmanship. Consider an investment in a defensive handgun course. They are not always cheap, but they are always a good investment.

Most importantly — keep your firearms well-maintained, and keep them handy. The entire point of having a defensive handgun (or other defensive firearm) is that you don’t really know when you need it.

This victim lost his life — let’s do our best to try to learn from the incident. While all good fights won’t be won, let’s remember to be as prepared as possible.

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