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Mississippi Pit Bull Owner Facing Charges After Multiple Dogs Attack Utility Worker, One Shot Dead

CARROLL COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI — A Delta Electric lineman was attacked by a pit bull pack as he finished a service call.

The incident occurred Tuesday, December 13th, at around 2:45 pm near Highway 35, per a report by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

The lineman, identified as Bubba Ralwes III, was in the process of finishing a service call when he was attacked by five pit bulls.

Rawles’ utility vehicle had became stuck at the home where the service call originated. Rawles was walking to the home when the pack of pit bulls attacked him.

The homeowner killed one of the dogs and the others were scared away by the gunshot.

Rawles suffered extensive blood loss and lacerations in the attack. Rawles was treated by a neighbor who is a nurse until emergency services arrived.

Ralwes was transported by helicopter to University of Mississippi medical center. Rawles underwent surgery and is expected to survive.

The owner of the pit bulls, identified as David Nicholas Smith, euthanized the remaining dogs. Smith is expected to be charged for not complying with Carroll County’s pit bull ordinance. The case remains under investigation.

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