Woman Shoots Illegal Gun Dealers After Home Visit Turns Hazy


LINCOLNTON, NC — An attempt to sell stolen guns gone horribly wrong left one of the dealers dead and other suspects fleeing for their lives, WITN reports.

WITN reports that officials are saying that two men entered a home in Lincolnton, NC, trying to sell guns.

Although it is not expressed in the news story, it is presumed that they were attempting to sell the guns to another resident in the home.

Unfortunately, the guns the “dealers” were trying to sell were stolen.

The guns were stolen from somewhere in Gastonia, NC, according to WITN, and either the discovery of that or something equally troubling started up an argument.

The argument resulting in the gun dealers forcing the resident to the floor of the home, guns drawn.

Enter, woman resident from back bedroom.

The woman came out ready for a fight, and that’s exactly what she did — she opened fire on the dealers, killing one.

The dead dealer was 51-year-old Marion Yarborough, according to WITN.

Apparently, a man and a woman — possibly the getaway driver — fled the scene by car.

Now, some of the details of this particular report are hazy — were the dealers there because they were invited to sell guns? If not, why on earth were they there?

Regardless, one major lesson can be taken from this — always, always, always use discretion and what wisdom you can bring to bear in choosing who you deal with when it comes to exchanging firearms.

Be careful, folks. It’s a jungle out there.

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