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Armed Gas Station Customer Shoots At Robber After Being Hit By Getaway Vehicle

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA — Indianapolis police are describing it as a botched robbery, but one gunowner is likely thankful that he remembered to carry his handgun.

Around noon, the victim was attempting to fill up his gas tank at a local gas station when a robber attempted to take his possessions and threaten him. He wrestled with the robber and it was then that the robber’s getaway driver kicked his car into gear and hit the victim from behind. The victim drew his handgun and opened fire on the vehicle, hitting one of the passengers in the getaway car.

Police reported to FOX 59 that the crew took their accomplice to a nearby hospital for medical treatment and a number of them were apprehended by police at the scene.

Onlookers recall seeing the event unfold and at first being frightened but ultimately siding with the victim in how he dealt with the situation.

via FOX 59

“I mean obviously the poor fella is being attacked and carrying a gun for his safety,” said one onlooker. “Honestly, you gotta give it up to the victim to be in the moment and aware of his own safety.”

Situational awareness and carrying everyday — because we never know when bad guys will use deadly force and it needs to be repaid in kind.

Police allege the victim did absolutely nothing wrong and are investigating this crime from the perspective that these thugs decided to take on a bit more than they could chew and wound up paying a hefty price.

This crime took place in broad daylight. If anyone tries to tell you that crimes happen at dusk and dark, let it be known that criminals don’t care the time of day — they just want what you have and they’re not afraid to take it from you by any means possible.

Staying prepared, armed, and keeping a good bearing on your situational awareness will go a long way into prevailing and surviving the fight.

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