Off-Duty Officer Shoots At Suspects During Attempted Robbery

MEMPHIS, TN — Multiple suspects robbed an off-duty police officer at gunpoint, and were shot at for their trouble.

At least two suspects are on the run after they robbed the police officer, who shot at them after they robbed him, according to Fox News U.S.

The police officer was not hurt — but neither were the suspects.

The incident occurred in the parking lot of a local gas station. After the (at least) two assailants attacked the officer, the man went to his car to retrieve his firearm.

He shot at them and they fled.

Locals are infuriated.

“Quit robbing people in the neighborhood. It’s stupid!” said next door business owner Marshall Chism of Yep! car wash according to Fox 13.

“I’m glad he was able to defend himself, and I know he has a good man, he is a friend of mine. He comes here every day,” he said.

Chism is worried that the problem might be more involved than a single incident — there is, in his opinion, a deeper problem.

“You’re going to have to employ these people, teach them how to work. Because people have to have money, but they also can’t go out taking. So we have to teach them how to work and open up jobs. Yep! car wash is hiring. You want to job, come to Yep! car wash. You don’t have to rob,” he said.

Here’s to a man who cares enough about is community to try to make a difference.

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