University Board Unanimously Approves Campus Carry, Faculty and Students Disagree

TOPEKA, KANSAS — Washburn University’s board of regents unanimously approved campus concealed carry last week.

The Daily Progress reports that although the board gave campus concealed carry the go-ahead, the staff and students seem to have misgivings.

“Unfortunately it’s come about and now we have to be prepared for it,” Washburn President Jerry Farley said regarding the new policy according to The Daily Progress.

Not exactly the most optimistic thing you’d hope to hear.

The campus carry policy is not without firm controls. As The Daily Progress reports:

“The policy requires campus housing residents to safely secure and conceal handguns from sight on themselves, in their dorm or in the trunk of their car. A student will be subject to criminal charges if the weapon is used improperly.”

What’s funny is — Washburn University could have avoided the headache to begin with by just adding some security measures.

Kansas passed a law in 2013 that allowed for the prevention of concealed carry in public universities… as long as certain security measures are installed at entrances.

Apparently that was too much. The Daily Progress reports that Washburn officials said that it was too expensive.

Well, that’s just too darn bad, isn’t it?

A survey in 2015 showed that 53 percent of students were opposed to campus carry.

Hopefully the time between the survey and now has changed the hearts of some of the students because, ready or not, carry is coming.

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