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Ticked-Off Bar Patron Winds Up Dead After Targeting Wrong Security Guard

HOUSTON, TX — A man is dead after getting loud at a bar and just not wanting to leave after getting all hot and angry, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The beating he tried to give out and the threat to life he presented didn’t really help things, either.

According to the Houston Chronicle:

Benito Deleon, 49, was at a Fiesta Michoacan sports bar in Greenspoint when he “got into an argument with a woman,” police stated. When a security guard asked him to leave, Deleon and an unknown man threatened to have people come to the bar and “harm the security guard,” according to police.

The guard called for help at “an adjacent nightclub” — apparently the Amazonia Discotheque in the same strip mall. Another, armed security guard arrived. The guards got into a fight with Deleon and two other men, which culminated in the armed guard shooting Deleon, according to police.

Police stated that Deleon and another man had “severely” injured the armed guard’s shoulder and that he feared “he or his partner would either be further seriously injured or killed.” A grand jury “will decide whether charges are warranted,” said Kese Smith, an HPD spokesman.

The guard called 911 and performed CPR on Deleon until paramedics arrived and declared him dead, according to police.

It may be that the guard believed that a second body was sufficient for driving the belligerent man and his friend, but it’s frustrating to see that the guard had enough time to call law enforcement to get this guy escorted out or arrested but instead called in another guard, which eventually saw the confrontation escalate to a deadly shooting.

In fairness, however, I’m not a security guard, and I’ve not ever been one.

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