Can You Spot What’s Out Of Place In This Photo?

Here’s a perfect example of how not to be a responsible gun owner.

Take a good look at the image above and see if you can pick out what’s out of place. There may be multiple things, as well. The story goes that this vehicle was parked in a Dave & Busters parking lot, when a person walking by happened to spot something that made him stop and snap this picture.

Luckily for the owner of this vehicle, the guy behind the camera was a good guy. Had it been someone else looking for an opportunistic score, well, the story would be much different.

If you still can’t spot what’s going on, below is a blown-up image with the section of the photo highlighted. Now you see, yes?


Next to what looks to be a Ruger SR9c or SR40c, out in the open, is also something that looks like a cell phone sitting in the cup holder. Two high-ticket items that no one wants stolen, so why leave them out in the open for anyone to see who happens to be walking by? I mean, maybe it’s a bait car, but I’ll just assume that it’s instead the result of an irresponsible gun owner.

This is how you get your vehicle broken into. This is how you end up filing a police report for a stolen firearm. And this is also a way to have sleepless nights, wondering who your firearm is with and what it’s being used for.

This is not a good situation, and it’s easily avoidable by bringing your brain with you.

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